My Ratings Explained

Instead of giving a star rating that could mean different things to different people, I give each book a clear worded rating within the information at the top of each review. Some ratings will include either (women) or (men) to clearly explain that from my perspective, the novel is suggested for a particular audience.

To understand this a bit more, here is my list of ratings (in no particular order).

1. Must Read!! Get it Today!
This is a brilliant novel and will be enjoyed; definitely give it a try.
Be warned though; you might not be able to put it down!

2. Wish-list Read
This was a good read; put it on your wish-list for when you have a
free moment.

3. Intellectual Read
Read this when you are looking for something deeply intellectual
that will stay with you forever.

4. A Giggle-A-Minute Read
Read this when you’re in the laugh for a serious chuckle.

5. Good Weekend Read
An easy read; give it a try when on holiday or over a lazy weekend.

6. A Rainy Day Read
Don’t dismiss this book, but don’t rush to read it.

7. Not Worth It
This wasn’t the best read and I wouldn’t recommend it.


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