Upcoming Reads

Now that my blog has been live for a while, I can see patterns in how posts should run. It’s been a lot of fun working out how my blog schedule should work to keep my readers interest (hopefully… It’s early days and I’m still cheering if I get a reader who isn’t my mum!)

Maybe one day….

“Upcoming Reads” will be a monthly instalment, allowing my readers an insight into upcoming reviews. If you have any opinions of books I should read and review, I would love to hear your suggestions – feel free to post in the comments section.

Upcoming Reads For November

The Secret River by Kate Grenville
London, 1806 – William Thornhill, happily wedded to his childhood sweetheart Sal, is a waterman on the River Thames. Life is tough but bearable until William makes a mistake, a mistake for which he and his family are made to pay dearly. His sentence: to be transported to New South Wales for the term of his natural life.

Stig of the Dump by Clive King
Nobody believes Barney when he says he’s discovered a boy living wild in the dump. But for Barney, Stif is totally real. They become great friends, learn each other’s ways and embark on a series of exciting adventures.

The Wishlist by Melanie La’Brooy
Lucy, an actress who just can’t get a break, is warm, funny, and a total addict for happy endings, except she can’t seem to find one for her own life. When the devilishly handsome Byron appears, Lucy thinks she has fallen into her own personalised fairytale…

Have you read any of these novels? What did you think of them? Comment below


Upcoming Reads!

There is no room on my bookshelves. Books are literally squished together, piled on top of eachother. There are even some parts of my shelves that are two books thick! But if I’m honest, that does not stop me buying new books… I go through books like they are going out of fashion, and (unless I really didn’t enjoy it) I love each one and keep them forever – much to my fiancĂ©’s horror… If I told you how often he’s had to fix up the bookshelves after they have collapsed under the weight of books, you’d really be shocked!
(Not my home… yet)
But despite all of that, I may have just ordered a couple of books… Because really, how much room can a couple of book take up? 🙂
So keep your eyes open for my reviews of the following novels coming soon!
Upcoming Reads
Set in a lavish Parisian apartment, The Elegance of the Hedgehog centres on the lives of the buildings residents from the point of view of Reneé, the buildings concierge. From her position in the building, she watches and scrutinises the tenants who barely notice her existence.
To Have and To Hold by Jane Green (yes, another Jane Green!)
What happens when your Prince Charming turns out to not be so charming?
Caribbean born Lucy moves to Northern America to work as an au pair for an upper-middle class family. As Lucy deals with an intense hatred for her mother and the colonial landscape that shaped her upbringing, she begins to notice that family-life in Northern America isn’t so rosy either!
When high school hottie Wesley Rush nicknames her “The Duff” (“Designated Ugly Fat Friend”), 17 year old Bianca Piper throws a coke in his face…
On her thirtieth birthday, consummate good-girl falls into bed with her best-friend Darcy’s fiancĂ©. Determined that the one-night stand should remain a fling, Rachel endeavours to leave the night behind her, and ignore the growing feelings she has for him…
After the Great Recession forces Clay Jannon out of his work as a web-designer. Luckily, he lands a job on the nightshift at Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore. Clay begins to notice that this is one strange bookstore; the customers are few, however they come in frequently – not to purchase anything, but to check out large volumes from obscure corners of the store.
Plus-sized Cannie Shapiro has come to terms with her size and even felt strong enough to leave her reporter boyfriend Bruce. But then she opens the paper and sees that Bruce has written an article that begins “Loving a larger woman is an act of courage in our world…” – and Cannie, who didn’t realise Bruce saw her as large, is plunged into a world of misery. But is everything going to be as bad as it seems??