“A Book That You’ve Read More Than 3 Times” – 30 Day Book Challenge

Today's Book Challenge topic is “A Book That You've Read More Than 3 Times”. Again, this is a tough one for me to answer – I get attached to books and love reading, re-reading and re-reading again.

But as I have to narrow it down to a single book that I have read, I figure that I will post about Lucy-Anne Holmes' 50 Ways to Find a Lover.

Sarah Sargeant is an actress who rarely gets a decent role and is even unluckier in love. After her parents sign her up for a dating reality show, and being rejected by a balding man with a paunch (who informed her that he would rather stay in and watch the Narnia movie on DVD than go out with her) Sarah decides to start a blog (!!) called '50 Ways To Find a Lover', documenting the outrageous lengths she attempts to find her love.

“I feel like a failure. It's now been 351 days since I had sex. That's a carnal drought. If Bob Geldof knew about it he'd hold a concert.”

I have read 50 Ways to Find a Lover over 3 times this year just because of the hilarity involved. You know reviews that you roll your eyes at that say “Laugh Out Loud”? This book actually does make you laugh out loud!

What about you? Share which book(s) you have read more than three times in our comments section!

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“Best Book You Read Last Year” – 30 Day Book Challenge

What a tough question straight out of the docks, especially as we are so new into the year and I have a huge array of books I might classify as “Best Book I Read Last Year”!

Definitely at the top of my list are:

Holes by Louis Sachar

The Gatecrasher by Madeline Wickham

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

And somewhat irritatingly, they are all so different, making it hard to choose just one to list as “The Best”.

Holes was a great Teen/YA book that really makes you think. I haven't come across many books of this genre that actually encourage new thought instead of continue along the stereotypical rite of passage path of many books of this genre (*waits for books to be thrown at me in protest at blanket statement*). It has a great narrative that draws you in and then flits away, leaving the reader thinking “oh I just HAVE to keep reading to find out what happens next!”; a prerequisite of a “Best Book”, in my eyes.

Next on my list is The Gatecrasher, which was the quintessential chick-lit read of the year. Madeline Wickham is actually the real name of Sophie Kinsella, an author synonymous with women's literature. I thoroughly enjoyed The Gatecrasher for a number of reasons, but namely because it didn't 'feel' like chick-lit. It was light, refreshing and entertaining on one side (all expectations of chick lit), but on the other hand it was mysterious and not clichéd in its narrative, making this a highly entertaining but relaxing read!

Last on my short list of best books is The Help, which is definitely a popular novel and was even turned into a major motion picture. The Help is an energetic mix of voices, all proudly proclaiming the same message of equality among races. While it deals with an extremely touchy subject, it is humourous and soulful, making you feel almost spiritually fulfilled as you read. This was a magical read, with the language sucking you right in – I found I could literally 'hear' the characters speaking to me in their accents – no mean feat, given I live in Australia and a 'southern' accent is not something I come across regularly!

If I am forced to chose, I think my Best Book would have to be The Help – although I would willingly recommend all of these books to anyone willing to ask, I think The Help's universality is what really makes this a stand-out. No matter your race, age, sex or religion, chances are that you will relate with this book, and what's more, will love it.

If you had to pick, which book would you say is the best one that you read last year? Share your thoughts in our comments section!


This challenge comes from That Little Book Blog 🙂