Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy – Lisa Kleypas
My Rating: Rainy Day Read
Suggested Audience: Adults (women)
Page Count: 371
Publication: 2007



Liberty grows up on the wrong side of the tracks at the Blue-Bonnet Ranch Mobile Home Estates in the town of Welcome, Texas. Falling in love with town heart throb Hardy Cates, Liberty envisions a happy future – but Hardy does not want to let love stand in the way of his ambitions to leave Welcome forever.

“The late afternoon sun was as round and white as a paper plate tacked to the sky. Heat seemed to come equally from below as above, uncurling in visible waves from the cracked ground. Time moved at a crawl in Welcome, where people considered anything needing o be done in a hurry wasn't worth doing…”

After a tragic incident, teenage Liberty is left to raise her infant sister alone. Determined to make them a better life, Liberty moves to the big city and studies to be a hairdresser, befriending billionaire tycoon Churchill Travis. Will this new friendship be the start of a whole new life for Liberty, or will her past come back to haunt her?

My Thoughts

After hearing glowing reviews of Lisa Kleypas' historical romances, I was so excited to find Sugar Daddy at a school fete book sale! After hearing so much about this New York Times Best-selling author, I expected wonderful things from this novel. I was disappointed.

I initially found the novel to be tedious; it reads less like a typical chick-lit with a moving narrative, and more like a life story of Liberty Jones. Sugar Daddy slowly works chronologically through Liberty's childhood and teenage years, and left me feeling quite bored and uncertain where this narrative was going.

After Liberty is faced with a family tragedy (which, by the way, I thought was thoroughly glossed over and written in a completely unrealistic and unbelievable manner), the narrative picks up, leaving you wondering how she will recover from this adversity. And this is where the biggest issue I have with Sugar Daddy begins.

Put simply, Sugar Daddy felt incredibly set-up and convenient. All of the struggles Liberty faces are resolved very quickly in unrealistic ways. When she has no money and no prospects, her friend offers her a job. When she cannot afford to study at the beauty school, she is gifted a scholarship… This left me feeling frustrated; I wanted some plot development where the protagonist had to really work towards bettering herself, offering the reader a real taste of life. Being handed everything on a silver platter (especiciLly moments after being faced with the issue in the first place) is, to me at least, not realistic.

“I wanted a cosmetology licence so badly, I could hardly stand it. There were so many places I could work at, so much I wanted to learn. I thought I had the right temperament to be a hairstylist, and I knew I had the drive. I had everything but money” (page 149)

“'I have some good news for you, if you're still interested in attending the academy this year?'
'Yes,' I managed to whisper, sudden excitement clutching at my throat.
'It turns out that another place in our scholarship program has just become available for the fall term. I can give you a full financial aid package' “ (page 153)

While it was a highly implausible story, at the risk of sounding thoroughly hypocritical, I must say I did enjoy the simplicity of the storyline. While as I said, so e plot development would have done Sugar Daddy a number of favours, my Christmas-festivity addled head was glad of the mental reprive that is Sugar Daddy. My recommendation is that if you want something romantic and whimsical to read when you're feeling half brain-dead, give Sugar Daddy a go.

By the way – if you liked reading Sugar Daddy, you'll be excited to know that Lisa Kleypas has released two other novels following other characters from the novel (Blue Eyed Devil and Smooth Talking Stranger) with a third, Brown Eyed Girl, being released very soon!

Where Can I Get It?

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