Sexual Text-Message Punctuation

I went to a party last week, and the topic of punctuation in text messages came up in conversation. Some suggested that as text messages are casual forms of communication, punctuation wasn’t required. Others argued that maintaining punctuation standards in texts helps improve the recipients opinion of you. Then one person piped up that if you use “sexual punctuation” in your text messages, it can improve your stakes in the “romantic world”.

Basically, you ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ misuse punctuation in order to force an emphasis on a particular word that could be sexually misconstrued within an otherwise incongruous text message.

For Example

“I’m going to blow off work”


“I’m going to blow. Off work”

He first warned that you had to be a compulsive punctuation person in texts to begin with, or his method doesn’t work. He said that basically if these suggestive messages are sent to someone who is offended, you can easily claim it was an accident, but if you never used punctuation to begin with, this was a harder argument to make.

Have you ever tried using punctuation for “romantic purposes”? Can you suggest other subtly evocative uses of punctuation? Share your thoughts in our comments section.


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