Helping Your Child Learn To Love Reading Over the Summer- Blog Challenge Post 6

Weather Changes Reading Habits

Wherever you are it’s the heart of Winter or Summer, do you find your reading and blogging habits change with the seasons?

While my reading habits stay quite consistent throughout the year, studies have shown that as a result of taking a break from reading over the summer holidays, many children suffer a loss of reading skills.

It is incredibly important to help your children continue good reading practices irrespective of what level they are at or whether they are on holidays or not. To create and maintain a good reading schedule over the summer, try the following with your children:

Talk To Them

If you aren’t already certain, ask your kids what they are interested in. My rule is “you can read anything from a picture book, to comics, to magazines, but you must read SOMETHING”. Instead of forcing them to read something that you’re interested in and ultimately annoying the heck out of them, chance are your child will be thrilled to hear you taking an interest in their interests.

If your child hits you with the classic response “I dunno”, consider the movies and television shows they enjoy, and go from there. If your child enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, get them reading Harry Potter. If they enjoy adventure films, look for adventure based stories.

Take An Interest

Most simply, this involves reading with your child and listening to them read. But even better than this, get involved. Ask them what they think of the story. Do they like the main character? If they were the main character, would they do something different? How could the story be better? The more questions you ask the better –

Some parents like to have a reading night. One person reads (or each family member takes a turn reading a chapter) while the others sit and listen, do jigsaws, do quiet crafts or colouring… It takes the focus away from the television and trains your child to see that reading is just as much fun.

Do Reading Based Activities

The Internet is STUFFED with reading activities. Personally, I like to pair these with writing activities (as reading and writing go hand-in-hand), such as making a Summer Scrapbook where your kids collect things to stick in it, but must also write little memories and ideas throughout it.

Or what about asking a relative or a school friend who lives further away tonepen-pals with your child? Trust me – your child will LOVE receiving letters in the mail and begin sending stuff off regularly just for the excitement of receiving a letter in return.

Take Them To The Library

Chances are your local library holds reading groups and activities throughout the week. Your kids will love interacting with other kids, and those who think reading isn’t “cool” might change their minds when surrounded by book loving children…

These are very simple, unobtrusive things you can do to keep your child reading over the Summer to ensure that the weather doesn’t change their reading habits!

Do you have any other ideas? Why not share them in the comments section?

This post is part of Bookish Ardour‘s ‘Posting Challenge’. To see all of my posts so far, click here.


2 thoughts on “Helping Your Child Learn To Love Reading Over the Summer- Blog Challenge Post 6

    • Cathy – yeah it’s tough when they’re little as they so easily lose concentration! Good on you for reading to them and kick starting their love of reading early!
      My mum used to laminate my favourite picture books when I was a toddler so I could “read” myself – no risk of tearing pages or spilling stuff on them. It was a great idea that I plan on replicating with my own kids. Talking to her now, she says it took a lot of time but it was worth it because I loved flipping through books like a “grown up” :-p

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