Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers – Blog Challenge Post 5

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Christmas Presents for Book Lovers

Christmas is right around the corner and we all know, when you’re a lover of books, people think the easiest thing to get you is an actual book. Wrong! What have been some of your favourite presents related to your bookish habits and what’s on your bookish wishlist?

I am a huge supporter of Etsy for my Christmas gifts, purely because I enjoy supporting homegrown businesses as opposed to huge corporations. So these are some bookish Christmas gifts I have found on Etsy that I would loooooove to receive this year (hint hint hint)

Stocking Stuffers

Coryographies has these gorgeous book earrings for just $14.76AU, and apart from being soooo cute, they are made to order (buyers should note that these come from England, so if you want them for Christmas you better order soon!)

Everlastingdoodle is selling this awesome personalised notebook for just $11.30AU. Be warned though that their postage to Australia is a bit steep… Everlastingdoodle have a huge range of really cool notebooks, so definitely check it out for some cool gifts

Exlibrisjournal has this cool tote paraphrasing Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s iconical 90s song “I Like Big Butts”. This one made me giggle and is yours for just $16.95AU

Small Gifts

All the rage in Hollywood, Book Clutch Purses are the must-have accessory for the chic book lover. Bookarelli is selling this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Book Clutch Purse for $91.35AU; a real treat for a book lover with a fashion sense. Bookarelli sells a number of different book clutches, so you can purchase a firm favourite!

Katy Perry with her Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutch at the recent AMA Awards

Blow Me Away Gifts

If you REALLY want to blow away the book lover in your life, why not purchase a vintage copy of their favourite book. A few hints on getting it right:

– go for the oldest copy you can find

– within reason, purchase a vintage book in good condition. Note that anything in good condition is bound to be expensive.

– when deciding if the price is fair, just consider the sentimental value – my mum bought me a 1914 edition of Little Women, and while I know it is valuable, I don’t really care about the true value as it is just a sentimental gift. The truth is, most true book lovers won’t care if you have bought them an edition worth $150 or $500; they will just love the fact you thought of them and found them something they’d love

Some cool vintage books I found are:

From wishmaker, this very rare 1930’s edition of “Mickey Mouse Presents a Walt Disney Silly Symphony” for $220.34AU what an awesome present!

Or if your budget isn’t so large, what about this pair of vintage 1960s Winnie The Pooh books from Shabitat, who is only charging $40.68AU for the set! We all have childhood memories of this magical tale, and I’m sure a bookish lover would be wrapped to unwrap these on Christmas morning!

What about this 1903 copy of 10 000 words often mispronounced? A serious piece of history right here, available for $56.50 from SpiderVintage

What was the best bookish gift you have received? What bookish treasure would you love to receive? Safe your thoughts below!


One thought on “Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers – Blog Challenge Post 5

  1. Great list of pressies! I think I’ve found some more I want too. Those earrings are awesome, the punching book is great, and the mispronunciation book. I mispronounce words all the time. It’s a real problem.

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