Memes, Memes and More Memes – Blog Challenge Post 4

This post is part of Bookish Ardour‘s ‘Posting Challenge’. To see all of my posts so far, click here.

Memes and More Memes

Be honest, what is your opinion on blogging memes, and has it changed?

I don’t wanna look stupid, but… What Is a Meme?

According to, a meme can be defined as:

“in blogspeak, an idea that is spread from blog to blog”

The term originates in science circles where Meme (rhymes with “gleam”) is “a self-propositions unit of thought spread from one host to another”. In the blogging world, its basically an activity that’s done regularly (say weekly or monthly) and other bloggers might take part on their blogs.

On That’s What She Read, I host the blog Meme “Third Sentence Thursday“, where bloggers open up the book they are currently reading, flip to a random page and post the third full sentence on their blog each Thursday. If someone doesn’t have a blog, they can participate by posting their Third Sentence in the comment section of my blog post. Apart from reading snippets of books, the one of the rules of my meme is that each participant goes to other participants pages and comments – it’s nice to share the love and give a fellow blogger a bit of support.

A really great directory of different memes taking place in the book-blogosphere is at Book Shelf Fantasies, and I encourage anyone looking to take part in a Reading Meme to go look there for something that strikes your interest.

I really like blogging memes. Apart from the community element of memes (which really is what blogging should be about), I think memes offer the blogger an idea of what to write next. Now, I haven’t been blogging for long, but its already apparent that sometimes, thinking about what to write about can be tough… Memes offer a break and a set idea about what to write. From a new bloggers perspective, it also offers a ready-built audience – most memes list all of the participants on their page, allowing their readers to read all of the meme posts by different bloggers.

What about you, do you participate in any memes? What do you think of memes? Share the memes you participate in and comment below!


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