“Read Dating” Book Club Dates – Blog Challenge Post 3

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Book Club Quirks

Did you know there’s book clubs out there focusing on stories full of culinary delights? What interesting quirks would you like a book club to have? Tell everyone if you’ve joined one already or know of one


Today I am going to discuss a new phenomenon – Read Dating!

Read-Dating is a book-club/speed-dating hybrid, where you move around the room spending a few minutes with each of the other attendees, all armed with their favourite books! Organisers claim that this form of Book Club dating helps people avoid awkwardness as they can chat about their books as well as find a love-match who enjoys the same kinds of literature.

No need to be shy; get out from behind the books and get Read Dating!

To add to the literary enjoyment of Read Dating, each person is given a bookish pseudonym – Atticus Finch, Josephine March, Ronald Weasley…

Now, I am happily affianced to my handsome gorgeous wonderful man, but I can tell you – if I were single, I would definitely be interested in joining this kind of quirky book club! I think it's a wonderful way of matching up people with similar interests (music lovers can bring CDs, film buffs can bring favourite DVDs), and it is a great icebreaker for the shy ones amongst us.

I also figure that if you happen to be sitting across from a complete psycho path, you can keep conversation cantered on the book you brought instead of listening to how they can put their hand against a lit match and not feel a thing (or whatever it is psychos talk about)…

It doesn't seem that this phenomenon has hit Australia yet, but my quick google search revealed that there are annual events throughout America and Canada, so if you're in that neck of the woods and this idea piques your interest, definitely look into it! Otherwise, why not approach your local library and ask if you could help organise such an event with them?


On a side-note, I found this wonderful list within an article about Read Dating from The Globe and Mail (which, incidentally lists information about Read Dating in Vancouver), and just had to share with you all:

What a Book Might Say About Your Potential Date

Anna Karenina Dramatic. Patient/perseverant. May not believe in happy endings.

Pride and Prejudice – A hopeful romantic. (May also be a gold digger.)

The Scarlet Letter – Likely won’t stray.

The Stone Angel – This person will be kind to your grandma. (Also may have a lit. degree.)

The Happiness Project – Chances are, if they’re reading this, they’re not. Then again, they aspire to be.

No Logo – Politically engaged. Left-leaning.

The Joy of Sex – Really?

Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking – A keeper.

The Secret – Run.

American Psycho – Run faster.




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