Beginnings – Blog Challenge Post 1

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How do you prepare for a challenge like long-term reading goals or a good blogging challenge?

At one time or another, we all have goals we want to reach. No matter if they are as simple as wanting to find the time to eat your lunch, or as complex as aiming to become a millionaire, everyone has their own opinion about goal-setting.

Clearly, my blog is a very very new one. Newer than a pair of freshly pressed pants, as my grandma would say. So the concept of blogging challenges is very new to me (in fact, break out the champagne, this is my first blog challenge post!)!!

However, don’t think I have no idea what I’m on about just yet – as a newly graduated literature student, I am well versed in the subject of long-term reading goals.

“My friend recommended a book to me.
She said it was a real page turner.
I was like, ‘yeah, I know how books work.’ “

Preparing for Long Term Reading

If I have a pile of books I need to get read by a certain date, I use the following three techniques to get myself motivated and the pages turning:

1. A Chapter a Day

The easiest way to get through novels is to commit to reading at least a chapter a day. Sure, the book you need to read might be a real snooze, but you’ll be surprised how fast you get through it when you tackle it in bite-sized pieces. Need to get through your book faster? Work out how many days you have to read it and allocate a certain number of pages a day.

2. Give Yourself a Break

The “Chapter a Day” method works, but you must be sure to factor in a few “no read” days. I don’t mean days where you purposefully don’t read, by the way – I’m talking about ‘oh no! I didn’t expect not to be able to read’ days. Imagine you have 10 days to read a 200 page book; instead of saying “I will read 20 pages a day”, read 25 a day. That way, if an unexpected event occurs (say a sickness or injury), it won’t affect your reading!

3. Reward Yourself

Its book-club time, but that book-snob Suzy has set the most mind-numbing doorstop of a novel, and you are now fantasising about garrotting Suzy with the knitted bookmark she gave you last Christmas (“I thought it’d be SUPER if we all had matching bookmarks so we could think of each other whenever we read!!” Bloody Suzy). Well, reward yourself when you reach set milestones (and no, I am not giving you permission to reward yourself by giving Suzy a good kick). Think back to childhood days – have a sweet treat, make a sticker chart… Anything to encourage you to read that doorstop of a book and not kill Suzy!

Join the conversation – what do you do to prepare for long-term reading goals?


2 thoughts on “Beginnings – Blog Challenge Post 1

  1. I adore your tips! With books that I find challenging to read, I try to read the topic sentence and move through the text that way. I particularly found “Descant for Gossips” to read [I’d rather watch paint dry!!!] so I started at Chapter 3, It was a great novel. Having read it, I went back to Chapter 1 and 2 and they were easier to read. Weird, I know, but it worked for me!

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