Starstruck in Seattle by Juliet Madison

Starstruck In Seattle – Juliet Madison ( web | twitter | facebook )
Publication: 2013, Escape Publishing (received through Netgalley, thanks!)
Page Count: 65
My Rating: Good Weekend Read
Suggested Audience: Women


Working in a small role on a leading television drama, actras Anna Hilford dreams of dating the dashing actor Karl Drake. Unsure how to win his affection, Anna seeks the help of love-coach Lulu, from, hoping to win Karl’s affection forever. But Lulu has more power over Anna’s love life than she realises, and fate has its own ideas…

My Thoughts

The blurb of this novella reads as “A sparkling story from the Queen of Ro-magic comedy!”. While I love reading women’s literature, I try to stay away from the ultra-romantic, hard-to-believe plot lines. As soon as I read the blurb, I immediately thought that Starstruck In Seattle would definitely not be for me, and very nearly didn’t read it – what a shame that would have been, because this was a wonderfully light and truly sparkling read!

Given my expectation that this would be a heavily romantic plot, I didn’t expect to be drawn into the narrative as much as I was. Similar to other online reviews I have read for Starstruck in Seattle, my main critiscm was that I wanted a longer narrative! I was thoroughly hooked by the characters and the twists in the tale, and I just wished that Juliet Madison had written MORE!!

My main reason for this critique is that the twist in the tale regarding Lulu (which I won’t be divulging here!) was over too quickly (although part of me says “well it IS a novella, what do you expect?”). By the second chapter, you find out exactly what is happening, and I personally would have preferred a bit more suspense and mystery.

The opening lines detail an email to Lulu from Anna, asking for advice and help regarding her love life. There is something deliciously voyeuristic about reading someone’s email to an Agony Aunt column, and this was not a let down. I loved this opening for a novella – it was a wonderful way of getting to know Anna’s character quickly and succinctly.

Where Can I Get It?

Starstruck in Seattle is not currently selling on Book Depository. As soon as it is stocked, I will link the page on Book Depository to this page.

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