Thoughts While Having Sex by Stephanie Lehmann

Thoughts While Having Sex – Stephanie Lehmann ( web| twitter )
Publication: 2008, Hodder and Staughton
Page Count: 244
My Rating: A Rainy Day Read
Suggested Audience: Women


Jennifer, a shy playwright living in New York finds the dating scene incredibly alluring – and incredibly nerve wracking. Any time she finds herself in a -ahem- ‘naughty situation’, she imagines the ghost of her deceased sister looking down at her and laughing. Cue awkwardness! Needless to say, Jennifer is quite shy and inexperienced when it comes to romance. With her play recently snapped up for an off-Broadway production, things are looking up for Jennifer – but will she be as lucky in love??

My Thoughts

I initially chose this book from the bookshelves as I greatly enjoyed Stephanie Lehmann’s novel The Art of Undressing and figured that I may enjoy another of her books. It would be unfair to say I was disappointed, but I will say that I did not enjoy this novel anywhere near as much as I enjoyed The Art of Undressing.

I found protagonist Jennifer’s character completely annoying (always a bad sign!). She was the kind of character you just wish you could shake and say “For goodness sake! Pull yourself together!”. She frequently lamented about her love life, but seemed completely unmotivated to actually do something about it. There are many moments where she laments over the narrative’s predictable lothario, but she refuses to do anything about her lusty thoughts. I found myself wondering if there really are people like her in the world and then reminded myself that yes, there probably are, and that these people might actually love Thoughts While Having Sex.

Aside from my dislike of the protagonist, I must say that I found the general narrative interesting. Focussing on a playwright with a play being produced off Broadway, most of the narrative followed the triumphs and tribulations associated with rehearsing a play (a subject that I am interested in after participating in a particularly involved and enjoyable University class a few years back!).

The one HUGE aspect that I found incredibly annoying about this novel is that it sets up a potentially juicy plot line in the prologue and then all but forgets about it for the remainder of the novel. I guess I would expect a prologue to give us some clues as to what will happen later, and this one just… didn’t! I was very disappointed, because it was the prologue that sucked me in, and for it to have no bearing on the rest of the novel was really quite strange and a huge let down.

It wasn’t a dreadful novel by any stretch of the imagination, but I wouldn’t be cajoling my readers to run out and purchase it in a hurry; if you are anything like me, go for The Art of Undressing instead!

Where Can I Get It?

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