5 Reasons You Should Try an E-Book

The concept of reading digitally (be that with a kindle, ipad, android tablet etc) is a relatively new concept in the book world. Whether ebooks are better than paperbacks is a question that causes major divides; for some, reading in a digital format is the only way to go – for others is is simply abhorrent and unnatural. The one thing that is certain is that e-books are a part of the reading world, and understanding their benefits will help you decide of e-books suit your style of reading.

5 Reasons You Should Try Reading an E-Book

1. It’s Quick
Scenario: You have just read a wonderful, fabulous, insightful book review on “That’s What She Read” (any other suggestions for superlatives are welcome!) and simply must get a copy now. You get in your car, and drive to your closest bookstore (try not to get stuck behind the pensioner who is driving 20km under the speed limit and can barely see over the dashboard). Spend 10 minutes looking for a parking space (“is that woman leaving, or did she just arrive?”). Push through the hordes of people in the shopping center before spending 10 minutes searching for the book before realising you’re in the totally wrong section of the book store. Finally, wait at the checkout behind the stinky guy in front of you (who, by the way, has chosen a book without a barcode and takes a good 5 minutes to serve), purchase your book (“where did I bloody out my bank card?”), return home and settle down to read… PHEW!

Solution: You could download an e-book within a minute and get down to reading without even having to take off your fluffy slippers or brush your hair…

2. It’s Cheap
Scenario: You have been waiting for ages for that book you read about on that wonderful, insightful, entertaining blo” (feel free to add any other superlatives you might like to include) to be released, so you take off to the bookshop to grab a copy (see scenario in “It’s Quick” above). Pay $20-$25 per book and swear to yourself that next time you read about a new release you’ll just wait for it to come out at your local library.
Solution: You could get an e-reader and buy e-books for a lot less than paperbacks! While there is an initial cost associated with purchasing an e-reader, you’ll soon make that up with the savings of buying e-books over paperbacks.

Purchasing Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
Amazon Kindle Price – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $7.51
Apple’s iBook Store – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $7.99
Book Depository (paperback) – – – – – – – – – – $11.05

Apart from this, several ebook sellers offer FREE e-books, which allows you to try new authors without worrying about spending money on books you might not like.

Check out the following online booksellers that of

Book Depository
Free Ebooks.net
Kobo Books

3. It’s Easily Transportable
Scenario: The bookshelves are bulging and you have taken to sneakily ordering books to avoid cries of “but where will we PUT them?!”. Like my Mister, you spend most of your free time reinforcing bookshelves to avoid avalanche-like showers of books across the floor anytime you so much as look at the bookshelves.
Solution: You could buy an e-reader and store everything in one place. A 32G SD card can store over 15 000 pages of text; and that’s a LOT of books!! Just think – reading off an e-reader opens up shelf space for other important items… Like bottles of wine…

4. It’s Environmentally Friendly
Scenario: According to Green Press Initiative, “each year approximately 30 million trees are used to make books sold in the United States – 1,153 times the number of trees in New York City’s Central Park. Many of these trees are sourced from endangered forests with devastating impacts on the people and wildlife that rely on them.” Add into this the fuel used for transporting books across the globe and to the consumer, and your environmental footprint is starting to get a bit large…


Solution: Buy an e-book online and process no paper and no fuel in receiving it! Rest easy knowing you’ve helped the environment out

5. It’s Customisable
Scenario: You have to work or study and cross-reference multiple books and typed notes. You’re easily confused by the constant mess of paper and can never find a darn thing!

Solution: As well as keeping all of your e-books in one place, you can take digital notes and place digital bookmarks to keep your place. Combine this with a “search” feature that allows you to find any specific words or phrases within the book and you will always be able to find the notes you’ve taken and the facts you highlighted.

You can also set up personalised “bookshelves” so that you can find books by category. Looking for something work related? Go straight to your “work books” file and find your book in a few seconds. Simple!

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What are your thoughts? Are you an e-book reader, or do you prefer traditional books? Post your comments below


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