The Accidental Husband by Jane Green


The Accidental Husband – Jane Green ( web | twitter | facebook )
Published – 2013, Penguin Books
Page Count – 393
My RatingGood Weekend Read (women)

“Maggie and Sylvie are strangers. Two very different women, living on opposite coasts. But they share more in common than they could ever imagine.
Both women have beautiful children on the verge of flying the nest, homes they worked hard to build and a handsome and devoted husband that they can’t believe belongs to them. Both think their lives are seamlessly secure. But they couldn’t be more wrong…”
Synonymous with chick-lit, New York Times bestseller Jane Green released her newest novel The Accidental Husband earlier this year, enticing her audience with a tale of love, family, friendship and deception.
The Background
Each chapter of The Accidental Husband is written from a different perspective, allowing the reader an insight into multiple characters. We mainly read from the perspectives of Sylvie and Maggie, two women leading vastly different lives, but sharing more in common than they might think. We follow the two women as they meet and their lives go from safe and predictable to confused and chaotic within a few pages.
My Thoughts
I have always enjoyed Jane Green’s writing. She has a knack for creating lifelike and honest characters, and you can’t help but get entirely immersed in her novels. The Accidental Husband is no exception,
I especially liked her portrayal of Eve, Sylvie’s teenage daughter. Eve is beginning to spread her wings and leave the family nest, and consequently can be incredibly narcissistic and frustrating. At times, I found Eve’s character to be a grating, rather stereotypical and obvious portrayal of a modern teenage outlook, and I admit I wondered if Jane Green was beginning to lose her grip on modern-day chick-lit fiction, given that she has always provided wonderfully clear visions of different and interesting characters. However, by the conclusion of the novel all my concerns were alleviated – Jane Green created a deep, fantastically vivid character in Eve, someone who will frustrate you but who you will love at the same time.
And this is why Jane Green’s fiction is so compelling; while we enjoy the characters and the situations they are put in, at a deeper level we find the characters relatable. Maggie could be your next-door neighbour, Sylvie your sister, Eve your daughter. As you come to know them, you simply must continue reading and further uncovering their personal stories.
My only criticism is that I found the plot twist to be a little too predictable. I am not sure if everyone would have the same experience, but from my own perspective I felt disappointed by the lack of surprise. However, this initial disappointment was soon forgotten, as The Accidental Husband explores a range of ideas and issues and drags you in. 
Where Can You Get It?
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